Makeup Time

I’m a mom and an aspiring model but don’t want to always spend the time putting on makeup. I’m also not one to want to want to she’ll out a lot of money when I do buy it. Here are some products that I use and it gives me just the right look. remember less is more. Links to products listed-

Final look- products used and link to products site. 

Products: e.l.f.

*Lip Balm(pink)-$3:00-applies best with lip brush-
*HD Lifting Concealer(light)-$ 3:00
Products: Covergirl

*Face Powder-

*Blush Cheekers(plumb)-

*Flamed out(brown)-

Mother’s Day 

So this year, Mother’s Day was very unexpected. So by chance I go and check the mail the other day and find out that me and my boyfriend qualify for a free room and free play at the local casino downtown. We decide that as a family this would be the perfect activity to do on Mother’s Day.  Here are some pictures of the room along with some selfies. 

The Atlantis had an awesome arcade with a snack bar. If you venture into Reno Nv check this casino out. 



Wedding Season

So I had my daughter four years almost five years ago and now me and her father are getting married. It’s exciting and I’ve been of course shopping for my dress, shoes, veil ect. I don’t want to post any pictures yet but I have been finding some great deals and ways to have a wedding on a budget. I will post pictures of my whole wedding look and the retailers that I bought them from. Since I’m still waiting orders to come in I thought I would at least list the retailers and links to looks that say bridal. I also was able to do my bridal look from top to bottom under $200. Remember you don’t have to do the traditional bridal store experience. I found my dress at a retailer that you wouldn’t have even thought of…..

Bridal look from Head to Toe:

1. Dress: I couldn’t find my exact dress on the site since I bought it in store but here is one similar and would be great for a Summer Wedding.

Floral Faux Leather Applique Dress:

white dress

$27.90(This was the price I paid for my dress!)

*Add a belt with bling or a ribbon sash that matches your wedding colors and you have a moden bridal look*

Forever 21:

2. Shoes: These are those shoes I actually ordered. I LOVE them and I love that I found them in my size. I wear a 10.5 so it’s not easy finding cute shoes in my size at a great price. Miracles really do come true!

Jia Jia Women’s Satin Wedding Shoes




3. Veil: So I really believe Amazon has some really great deals and if your a Prime member that 2-day free shipping is amazing!

2 Tier Layer White Ivory Elbow Tulle Bridal Wedding Veil with Comb-v26-white


$18.99(Prime member price)


How do you brides make the most out of your budget? Or how did you make the most out of your budget?


Guest Blogger: Diane Mateo

I’ve invited a guest blogger to come and giver her advice on some great fashion finds. She is also a fashion student and a mother to top it off.

So, as know as women, we all love to find a deal and the best way to find those deals is by talking to other women. Sometimes it’s faster to ask a friend where to find the latest and greatest sales than it would take to Google it. I love to tell even random people where they can get a great bargain and not feel broke at the end of the day. So back to the guest blogger, here is a little bit about her and her finds:

My name is Diane Mateo and I am a native New Yorker. After travelling and dancing for ballet companies, you develop an “eye” for beauty and style. Being a performance artist helps develop my love for all kinds of art. This affinity for art includes fashion, music, photography, art, illustration, and writing. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and a fashion student. Check out my blog:



Summertime is the perfect excuse to try a little something new. And the rising temperatures will not stop this Fab Mom from looking chic and well put together for even the most tiresome errands. I set out on a mission to find the perfect outfit that would not break the bank. The minimalist in me wanted to do it with five stylish, laid-back pieces. And each piece would not go over $50 bucks. Transitioning from day to evening should be a smooth transition. I just added a few bonus pieces to take you out on the town. And every Fab Mom looks forward to a Date Night.


Here are the fab 9 under $50- Click link to shop!





5. SANDAL:,dsw12cat1970014,dsw12cat3030010




8. HAT:



They put the “V” in Vintage

I found my new favorite retailer, Modcloth. They have really great vintage housewife styles and really adorable merchandise. It’s a pastels dream site. I love the vintage styles and they have carry size 11 in shoes. I had heard about them before but haden’t ventured on the site. Check out my blog soon featuring some great finds from this retailer and others- Coming soon

In the meantime checkout a couple must buys that I saw on the site today that you might see soon : )

Pastel Perfection Earring Set

Pastel Perfection Earring Set

Color : Multi – $14.99

Classically Cozy Slipper in Magenta

Classically Cozy Slipper in Magenta

Shoe Size : 10 – $38.99

Special Occasion - Mirror to My Heart Dress

Mirror to My Heart Dress

Size : 6 – $99.99


Mommy Workout

It’s hard for me to workout with all that I have going on but when I do get a chance to sweat I love to do the Tone it Up Routines. Once I learned about Karena and Katrina I knew I wouldn’t have to buy another DVD. These trainers are awesome and you can feel the work outs right away. You can stop and do a little at a time. Remember to pace yourself, don’t worry, you’ll feel it tomorrow. Check out more of their vidoes on Youtube. Summer is coming and it’s time to Tone it Up!


D.I.Y Headband

So this is my first post of a d.i.y. project. I have done many projects but never took pictures of the process. I found this very interesting but very neccessary. I’m a visual leraner and love when there are easy pictures to follow.

I love accessories and wanted to share with you, how you can make something old like new. I usually buy head bands with the elastic backing but as we all know, they only last for so long. So to get more out of the wear of your favoriet headband add a ribbon to it.

Here’s how to do it:

Supplies:                                                 IMG_4122

1. Scissors

2. Ribbon

3. Lighter

4. Measuring Tape


Cut the band that is attached to the back of your headband. IMG_4124

This is what it should look like:



Measure out the ribbon that you want to attach. The length it up to you but I made mine 16 inches long


Step#3: Burn the edge of the ribbon so that it doesn’t fray:


Step#4: Tie a knot on the accessory like so: Do the same to the other side.

IMG_4133 IMG_4134

Step#5: Finished product:









Don’t Be Shy

This week Shy spent the weekend with her cousins so that me and her dad could have date night. I think that it’s so cute how much she loves to spend time with them. You could say she’s just one of the boys to them. So when we picked her up late this Sunday we just hung out and watched a couple movies. You would think that we hadn’t seen the movies before because of the constant questions I was getting but all in all it was a great weekend. Earlier in the day I did however work on Shy’s new bookshelf which I’m painted her favorite color, PURPLE. Everything has to be purple in this little girls life but oh how I love that she has an opinion and likes to voice it, lol all the time.

Shy’s project and how I did it will be posted soon in D.I.Y projects. Stay tuned 🙂


Here is two pic from Facebook, that I found on her aunts page, think it was a good night.

shy    shy sleeping


8 Outfits For YOU MOM

I love to visit other blogs and get ideas and inspration. I found this great post that shows you eight outfits that you can pick and choose from. Here is the link to the site and some great outfit options. Enjoy – Also this blogger is a MOM-

8 Mom Outfits: Day To Night