Pinterest Beauty Hacks

I was searching through Youtube looking for a beauty video that wasn’t the typical type of video. I don’t know about you but I’ve watch some boring tutorials that were way to long. Being a mom of a four year old, I don’t have time to waste so this time I took note of the lengths of the videos and titles to feel out which ones I wanted to watch. I was in luck to find a video that not only was under 10 min but also incorporated every moms favorite pinning site, Pinterest.

I love Pinterest and have used many of the tutorials and recipes on the site. In my experience, all the ones that I have tried have worked but was very interested to see if in fact there would be some that wouldn’t. The video blog that I found was created by RachhLoves. She is really creative with her approach to the tutorials are very funny in a clumsy type of way. The title of the video is, “5 Pinterest Beauty Hacks Tested.” See how the title draws you in? I had to see if they would work or not and with limited amount of time to put on makeup, I thought this would give me a chance to find some quick and easy ways to add to my beauty routine.

The video is also a great indication of the new media that is out there for us moms to make our lives easier. Just because we have kids doesn’t mean we can’t take the time to pamper ourselves even if it is just finding a great way to make your lip stick pop or how to make a gel eyeliner from the solid one that you have in your makeup bag. The way that this video uses new media effectively, is by incorporating the new video craze, showing tutorial and how it works but it also incorporates a social media platform that many of us are aware of. By incorporating Pinterest it gives us a great reference to go to, to see if there are tricks or hacks out their that will work. Check out the video and when I find more, I’ll share…….Stay tuned.


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