Don’t Be Shy!

One of the reasons  I created this blog,  was to stay connected with my first love, my daughter Shy. We have so much in common at this point and I wanted to document every moment that I can. I tell her all the time that she is my BEST FRIEND and I truely mean it from the bottom of my heart, to the top of my toes. In honor of her I have created a weekly segment that you will see posted every Sunday called, “Don’t Be Shy.”

As a mom that works full-time and is a full-time student, time is not something that is on my side. It’s a constent struggle to fit everything into 24 hours. As many of you moms know out their multi tasking and staying organized is the key. However, there are those times that you have to STOP and focus on what’s important. So I decided that I would take at least one day out of the week and not do any work, homework, cleaning and all the other chores that never seem to end. I decided that Sunday’s would be Shy time. Shy gets to decide what we will do and really it’s just a great excuss to spend the whole day with my BEST FRIEND.

So here is what Shy wanted to do……


"This is Shy Time."

“This is Shy Time.”

Shy time

“Pound Puppies,” Shy’s Favorite Show.

Shy and mommy time

Multi tasking….Sitting on mommy’s lap enjoying our Sunday together.

Photo time. Shy wasn't all for photos this day but she took one anyway. What a sport :)

Photo time. Shy wasn’t all for photos this day but she took one anyway. What a sport 🙂

Making progress "My Little Pony Art."

Making progress “My Little Pony Art.”

Shy Art

Shy’s Art

Finshed Product

Finshed Product

The joy in her face says it all.... Best Sunday Ever!

The joy in her face says it all…. Best Sunday Ever!


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