Don’t Be Shy

This week Shy spent the weekend with her cousins so that me and her dad could have date night. I think that it’s so cute how much she loves to spend time with them. You could say she’s just one of the boys to them. So when we picked her up late this Sunday we just hung out and watched a couple movies. You would think that we hadn’t seen the movies before because of the constant questions I was getting but all in all it was a great weekend. Earlier in the day I did however work on Shy’s new bookshelf which I’m painted her favorite color, PURPLE. Everything has to be purple in this little girls life but oh how I love that she has an opinion and likes to voice it, lol all the time.

Shy’s project and how I did it will be posted soon in D.I.Y projects. Stay tuned 🙂


Here is two pic from Facebook, that I found on her aunts page, think it was a good night.

shy    shy sleeping


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