D.I.Y Headband

So this is my first post of a d.i.y. project. I have done many projects but never took pictures of the process. I found this very interesting but very neccessary. I’m a visual leraner and love when there are easy pictures to follow.

I love accessories and wanted to share with you, how you can make something old like new. I usually buy head bands with the elastic backing but as we all know, they only last for so long. So to get more out of the wear of your favoriet headband add a ribbon to it.

Here’s how to do it:

Supplies:                                                 IMG_4122

1. Scissors

2. Ribbon

3. Lighter

4. Measuring Tape


Cut the band that is attached to the back of your headband. IMG_4124

This is what it should look like:



Measure out the ribbon that you want to attach. The length it up to you but I made mine 16 inches long


Step#3: Burn the edge of the ribbon so that it doesn’t fray:


Step#4: Tie a knot on the accessory like so: Do the same to the other side.

IMG_4133 IMG_4134

Step#5: Finished product:









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